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Welcome to my McFarlane Toys Spawn Series 33 webpage.
Look at these new outstanding sculpts. I cannot believe how bad ass
these figures look. McFarlane Toys really out did themselves on this series.

You better believe I'm keeping a set of these for myself. I am a big fan
of ancient Egypt and Spawn so this series is a can't miss in my book.
These are definitely a must have for any fans of the comic or
the fantasy games to add to your collection.

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McFarlane Toys - Spawn Series 33 Action Figures

Spawn Series 33
Jackal King
Spawn Series 33
Scarab Assassin
Spawn series 33 Jackal King action figure Spawn series 33 Scarab Assassin action figure
Price: $20.00 - Free Shipping
Price: $20.00 - Free Shipping

Spawn Series 33
Soldier of Ra
Spawn Series 33
Spawn the Immortal
Spawn series 33 Soldier of Ra action figure Spawn series 33 Spawn the Immortal action figure
Price: $20.00 Price: $20.00

Spawn Series 33
Sebek - The Crocodile King
Spawn Series 33
Warrior Isis
Spawn series 33 The Crocodile King action figure Spawn series 33 Warrior Isis action figure
Price: $23.99 Price: $55.00

Last updated: 4/5/2012

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